• Organic Leaf Accented Band
    Organic Leaf Accented Band
    from (€155) €109
  • Filigraner Bandring
    Filigraner Bandring
    from (€127) €89
  • "Magical Affinity" Ring
    "Magical Affinity" Ring
    from (€184) €129
  • "Eternity Ring" mit Kanalfassung
    "Eternity Ring" mit Kanalfassung
    from (€212) €149
  • "Glimmering Love" Ring
    "Glimmering Love" Ring
    from (€170) €119
  • Natural Beauty Leaf Ring with Accents
    Natural Beauty Leaf Ring with Accents
    from (€198) €139
  • "Woven in Love" Ring
    "Woven in Love" Ring
    from (€127) €89
  • "Vanessa" Bandring
    "Vanessa" Bandring
    from (€198) €139
  • "Wave Band" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    "Wave Band" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    from (€141) €99
  • "Diagonal Peak" Damenring mit Akzenten
    "Diagonal Peak" Damenring mit Akzenten
    from (€170) €119
  • Vintage Glamour Accented Band
    Vintage Glamour Accented Band
    from (€170) €119
  • "Band of Eternity" Ring
    "Band of Eternity" Ring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Affinity" Ring mit 3-11 Steinen
    "Affinity" Ring mit 3-11 Steinen
    from (€284) €199
  • "Stones Woven in Love" Ring
    "Stones Woven in Love" Ring
    from (€170) €119
  • Heavenly Hearts Ring with Heart Birthstones
    Heavenly Hearts Ring with Heart Birthstones
    from (€155) €109
  • "Diadem" Infinity Damenring
    "Diadem" Infinity Damenring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Lysander" Halbrund eingekerbter Frauenring
    "Lysander" Halbrund eingekerbter Frauenring
    from (€141) €99
  • U-förmiger Beisteckring
    U-förmiger Beisteckring
    from (€198) €139
  • "Diagonal Peak" Damenring
    "Diagonal Peak" Damenring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Band of Stones" Beisteckring
    "Band of Stones" Beisteckring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Apollo" Damenring
    "Apollo" Damenring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Enchanted" Bandring
    "Enchanted" Bandring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Mesmeric Love" Ring
    "Mesmeric Love" Ring
    from (€241) €169
  • Heavenly Hearts Ring
    Heavenly Hearts Ring
    from (€127) €89
  • "Menelaus" Damenring
    "Menelaus" Damenring
    from (€141) €99
  • Darling Heart Wraparound Ring
    Darling Heart Wraparound Ring
    from (€155) €109
  • Dreaming Of Infinity Band
    Dreaming Of Infinity Band
    from (€112) €79
  • "Shape of her Heart" Bandring
    "Shape of her Heart" Bandring
    from (€227) €159
  • "Funkelnde Skispitzen" Bandring
    "Funkelnde Skispitzen" Bandring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Selena" Bandring
    "Selena" Bandring
    from (€141) €99
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Wedding Bands for Her

Making her wedding band can be fun and rewarding. So keeping in mind her personality when customising a ring for her is important. Capture her spirit in a ring that says everything about her.

Featured Wedding Band for Her

JWL0263 Magical Affinity Ring

The Magical Affinity Ring features 10 beautiful 2mm gems that you can personalise with diamonds, birthstones or Swarovski Zirconias. Classic and charming by itself, this item works even better when stacked with other rings, making the perfect match with wedding and engagement rings.


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