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  • "Courage & Energy" Mala
    "Courage & Energy" Mala
  • "Protection & Comfort" Mala mit Kupfer-Perle
    "Protection & Comfort" Mala mit Kupfer-Perle
  • "Creativity & Joy" Mala
    "Creativity & Joy" Mala
  • "Protection & Comfort" Mala mit Gold-Perle
    "Protection & Comfort" Mala mit Gold-Perle
  • "Focus & Balance" Mala
    "Focus & Balance" Mala
  • "Meditation & Comfort" Mala
    "Meditation & Comfort" Mala
  • "Love & Laughter" Mala
    "Love & Laughter" Mala
  • "Serenity" Mala auf natürlichem Hanf
    "Serenity" Mala auf natürlichem Hanf
  • "Optimism & Good Luck" Mala
    "Optimism & Good Luck" Mala
  • "Shakti" Mala
    "Shakti" Mala
  • "Prema" Mala
    "Prema" Mala
  • "Saurya" Mala
    "Saurya" Mala
  • "Meditation & Uniqueness" Mala
    "Meditation & Uniqueness" Mala
  • "Individuality & Inner Magic" Mala
    "Individuality & Inner Magic" Mala
  • "Akshaya" Mala
    "Akshaya" Mala
  • "Satya" Mala
    "Satya" Mala
  • "Compassion & Courage" Mala
    "Compassion & Courage" Mala
  • "Poonam" Mala
    "Poonam" Mala
  • "Spiritual Serenity" Mala
    "Spiritual Serenity" Mala
  • "Chandra" Mala
    "Chandra" Mala
  • "Love & Strength" Mala
    "Love & Strength" Mala
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Mala Beads

The mala is a string of beads knotted together onto natural hemp. The finished string of 108 beads can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet. Traditionally, malas are used as a meditation tool when counting mantras. Today, they are a fashionable, as well as meaningful, addition to any yoga and meditation practice; and wearing them as jewellery just feels good. The semi-precious stones of the mala carry special energetic properties that relate to feelings, thoughts and emotions. That is the reason that choosing your own mala is a very personal experience. Simply put, the one you are drawn to is the one that honors the infinite potential within you.
Learn more about The Jahnavi Mala Project, a non-profit initiative providing support for improved education and educational infrastructure for the children of remote villages in India.


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